Virtual Bioprocess Engineering Lab

Project Summary:

There is great potential in applying virtual technology to support teaching and learning. A 3D virtual bioprocess engineering laboratory will enable users to learn about both basics of laboratory safety and fermentation principles in a million dollar laboratory. Once procedures and exercises within the simulator have been carried out, users will have a deeper understanding about common lab procedures, experiment design, fermentation principles, and analysis of data. This software would be an efficient, low-cost option to educators and students within fields such as Biochemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology and more.

Project Team:

  • Aydin Berenjian (Project Lead; System Design)
  • Keith Soo (Interface and Storyboard Design; Interaction Design)
  • Tony Smith (Continuous-System Model Design)
  • Quenton Buser (Model Implementation)
  • Weichen Huang (3d-Interface and Storyboard Artist)